Asus Fonepad Tablet Cmos Battery Repair :


  • Model - Asus
  • Series - (Fonepad)
  • Type - Cmos Battery



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        Whether you’re using a Asus Fonepad Tablet, your Tablet Main board contains an integrated battery. Unlike a standard Asus Fonepad Tablet battery, the Asus Fonepad Tablet motherboard’s battery doesn’t power your Asus Fonepad Tablet while you’re using it. Quite the opposite, actually – the battery is tiny and only active when you’re not actually using your Asus Fonepad Tablet.

        The Asus Fonepad Tablet motherboard’s battery is used for low-level system functions like powering the real-time clock and storing Asus Fonepad Tablet BIOS settings. Laptronics are experts when it comes to the repair of Asus Fonepad Tablet CMOS Battery’s; our technicians are certified by use and have a long standing background in the repair of Tablets products.

        Following Common Problems are We are Repairing

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