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Lava Xtron Mega Tablet

Most Common Lava Xtron Mega Tablet Service

Lava Xtron Mega Tablet Firmware updates

Lava Xtron Mega Tablet USB Jack Repair

Lava Xtron Mega Tablet Low WiFi Signal

Lava Xtron Mega Tablet RAM Upgrade

Lava Xtron Mega Tablet Battery Replacement

Lava Xtron Mega Tablet Constantly Freezing

Lava Xtron Mega Tablet Speaker Replacement

Lava Xtron Mega Tablet Headphone Repair

Lava Xtron Mega Tablet Zero Or Low Sound

Lava Xtron Mega Tablet Cracked/Broken Digitizer

we repair all types of basic and complex faults of Lava Xtron Mega Tablet PCs like water damaged, broken LCD screens, speaker, microphone, charging, network and all other minor and major problems. We also undertake complicated tasks like reworking on motherboards and software up-gradation. There are many common problems among all tablet devices, such as cracked glass or broken screen repair, but we also unlock / unbrick devices. We have experience repairing all the major and minor brands of tablets, and can even service less popular manufacturers as well. We repair using our own proprietary methods using best-in-class tools and veteran technicians with years of experience.

Lava Xtron Mega Tablet Battery Problems

Lava Xtron Mega Tablets use Li-Ion and Li-Poly batteries. These batteries are environmentally friendly, have good charge capacities, and are very sleek and small. This is especially the case with Li-Poly batteries as they don't have an outer metal casing. Like pretty much all mobile and Lava Xtron Mega tablet batteries, after several hundred charges, they will run down and become unusable. Depending on the user, the battery may last for the lifespan of the Lava Xtron Mega tablet, especially for those who replace their Lava Xtron Mega tablets and other devices regularly. Many people, however, will find that their batteries begin to lose charge quicker as the months and years go by. When this happens, the importance of having replacement and spare batteries heightens. Replacement of batteries grew out of the necessity of safety in portable devices. Because mobility means taking a device through heat the batteries had to designed for maximum safety and longevity. Although many may doubt this claim, storing energy of several kilowatts can be dangerous, especially when stored in a device that's constantly on the move and often dropped, shaken, and exposed to harsh environments. Since these batteries are tucked safely away from the user, it's up to the physical and software systems the Battery Management System (BMS) to care for them. The BMS handles some fairly complex tasks, such as managing the integrity of a battery when cells begin to fail. Unfortunately, the BMS can't do everything. The user of the device still has to take care of the mobile to ensure extended and safe battery life. Tablets are generally sealed and, depending on the specific make and model like Lava Xtron Mega tablet, it can be very difficult to actually swap over a Lava Xtron Mega tablet battery quickly and easily. The same is generally true of modern phones: these are sealed up in many cases and this makes changing batteries a difficult talk. Old phones, on the other hand, could easily be clicked open with minimal effort; making changing batteries simple. As mentioned, the type of Lava Xtron Mega tablet being used will determine how easy it is to swap batteries over. In some cases, special tools and skills are needed. As such, the option of swapping batteries back and forward might be unrealistic with certain Lava Xtron Mega tablets.

Lava Xtron Mega Tablet Display Problems

Attach fresh two-sided tape to areas of the bezel that have lost their stickiness. Use the existing adhesive where possible. Don't allow tape to overlap the visual part of the glass. Look for any foam padding or seals and reattach. Thread the digitizer cable and remount the new digitizer glass to the bezel by firmly pressing it into place. Then remove any dust from the LCD and glass with canned air. Do not touch the inside of the glass -- you won't be able to get rid of the fingerprints after assembly. Orient the mother board as shown, so that the screen is facing downwards. Grab the corner of the orange strip on the right side of the mother board as shown. The orange strip is adhered to the mother board, gently lift the strip so that the adhesion is broken. The strip will still be attached by the circuit connection to the mother board. As the main mode of interaction between you and your apps, the Lava Xtron Mega tablet display is vitally important. Any damage inflicted will degrade the reliability of the component, and short of paying for a replacement display and digitiser, you will need to make sure the Lava Xtron Mega tablet display is kept safe and intact at any times.

Lava Xtron Mega Tablet Software Problems

Having an Lava Xtron Mega tablet is like giving candy to a little baby: you just can’t stop from tweaking, changing, customizing and optimizing the internal system and operating system. That’s why I think that all the Lava Xtron Mega tablet had performed, at least once, complex operations like rooting, installing custom ROMs, replacing the stock recovery, unlocking the boot loader and so on, on their devices and this without knowing that the procedures are unofficial and risky tasks. Therefore, don’t get surprised if after applying one of the mentioned operations, you will notice that there is something wrong with your handset. Usually and the most common issues that might occur are: your Lava Xtron Mega tablet gets stuck in a boot loop, the handset boots only into recovery mode, your tablet can be entered only in boot loader mode, you can’t properly install a custom ROM and different errors are being displayed while trying to fix the mentioned problems. Well this is the most common issue when talking about tablet devices. Also, the problem can be easily fixed as you only have to wipe the system of your tablet. Usually, the boot loop problem is occurring when flashing custom ROMs; you should know that after updating with the firmware, a wipe is being required. If you somehow skip the wipe, your tablet will keep rebooting.

Lava Xtron Mega Tablet Camera Problems

How to fix your Lava Xtron Mega tablet if the Camera shows a Black Screen Having problems taking pictures with your tablet? When you click on your camera to take a picture do you only get a black screen? This isn’t a very common issue for tablet but it sure can be troublesome. Usually when this happens the tablet won’t be able to take a picture or record a video at all. Cameras showing a black screen can be hard to fix This issue can be a hard thing to fix and get working properly again. If the issue is software related than chances are a lot better that you might be able to fix it. I just want to stress that this can be a pretty bad malfunction and there’s probably only about a 50% chance of actually fixing this problem. Remove any third party camera apps Start out by uninstalling any third party camera applications that you have downloaded to the tablet. The tablet might have received an update for its software and the developer of the app might not have had the chance to update their app yet. Soft reset Soft reset the tablet once more after uninstalling your applications, by powering the phone off, preferably by removing the battery, counting to 10, and then reinsert the battery and powering the tablet back on. Hard reset If you have cleaned up all of your applications and your tablet is still showing a black screen instead of the camera screen then what you’re going to want to do is perform a full backup on your tablet, saving all your important information and then perform a full reset on the device erasing all data from the tablet. If it’s a software bug, glitch, virus etc than wiping the phone should fix the issue. If you have a tablet running on the Android operating system and need help backing up your device and performing a factory data reset then you might want to read this guide on how to backup and reset an Android tablet.

Lava Xtron Mega Tablet Mic Problems

When people experience sound problems with their tablet, they commonly confuse the speaker with the microphone.

Lava Xtron Mega Tablet Speaker Problems

SPEAKER problem If you can't hear sound from the tablet, or if the sound is distorted, the problem may be with the speaker. MICROPHONE problem If you can hear sound on your tablet but nobody can hear you, the problem is the microphone. Speaker problems If your speakers sound is distorted, chances are that its a blown speaker that is causing the problem. All tablets have at least two speakers, the internal speaker and an external speaker. The internal speaker plays at a much lower volume then the external speaker, so when you press your ear against the tablet, it doesn't hurt your ear drum. The external speaker is much louder, because its used to grab your attention by ringing loudly, and also when the speaker tablet option is used.

Lava Xtron Mega Tablet Virus Problems

There are hundreds of free anti-virus apps available in the Play Store. Try downloading one that has good reviews and feedbacks and scan your Lava Xtron Mega tablet for possible presence of a malware or a virus that helps eat up your tablet’s memory and basically interfere with the data download speed of your tablet. If you’ve found one after full system scan and the problem persists, try clearing your browser’s cache and data. If the problem continues after that, perform a factory reset on the tablet to bring back everything to default. There could have been some settings that were messed up. When purchasing your tablet I was told that there would be no need to install anti-virus software for web browsing. I’ve always been sceptical of this advice, and I now notice that major anti-virus manufacturers are producing protection for Lava Xtron Mega tablet.

Lava Xtron Mega Tablet Slow Browsing Problems

What Time Does The Problem Happen? It may be a little illogical to take note of the time when this kind of problem but it does make sense especially if you are using mobile data. There is this thing called “network congestion” and it happens during peak hours of the day; the time when billions of people are using their tablet to send text messages, make calls, browse the web and download anything from the web. If you’re unable to browse the web during a specific time in a day and it recurs more often, then there is a great possibility that you’re in the area where your service provider allocates data bandwidth that could barely cater the needs of its subscribers. Scan Your Phone For Malware There are hundreds of free anti-virus apps available in the Play Store. Try downloading one that has good reviews and feedbacks and scan your phone for possible presence of a malware or a virus that helps eat up your phone’s memory and basically interfere with the data download speed of your Lava Xtron Mega tablet. If you’ve found one after full system scan and the problem persists, try clearing your browser’s cache and data. If the problem continues after that, perform a factory reset on the tablet to bring back everything to default. There could have been some settings that were messed up.

Lava Xtron Mega Tablet No Sound Problems

There is no sound coming from the Lava Xtron Mega tablet speakers. Follow these troubleshooting when there is no sound coming from the Lava Xtron Mega tablet speakers. Before starting this procedure, make sure the AC adapter is connected to the tablet charge connector and is plugged into a working wall outlet. Because each of these steps represents a possible solution to this issue, check the tablet speaker (audio) status after completing each step. Ensure there are no headphones plugged into the tablet. Ensure there is nothing blocking the speaker holes on the tablet. Press the volume up + button until the volume is at full. Having audio problems on your Lava Xtron Mega Tablet? Notifications stop sounding? Did the music stop playing Continuously? Did the ringer stop working? No Sound on your games or applications? When someone calls you on your Lava Xtron Mega phone can they hear you but you can’t hear them? You might just be having problems with the speakers on your phone. This Site will guide you through the process of testing both the loud speaker, which produces the sound for your ringer, music, games, alarm clock, etc..... As well as how to test the Lava Xtron Mega internal speaker which is what you hold up to your ear to hear people during a conversation. This test can help to determine whether the issue on your Lava Xtron Mega phone is software related or a problem with the speaker itself which of course will help in resolving the issue correctly. Lava Xtron Mega Speaker Problem Tips: This Site is performed using the Lava Xtron Mega Android Smartphone and the steps used in this guide will be the same process used for most other Lava Xtron Mega Android smart phones but if you have an Other phone then the process is going to be a little different. If you have an Other Android Smartphone or these directions don’t seem to work for your particular Android phone then I suggest reading How to test the speakers on an Other Android Smartphone.